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Rideshare/Delivery Drivers

Gig Economy

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Job ID# 2022

USA Residents ONLY

No experience required.

Must currently have a valid Driver's License



  • Operate and drive vehicles to transport people and make deliveries using Rideshare and Delivery mobile apps



  • You create your OWN SCHEDULE


  • Varies on location and your own determination




  • Valid driver's license

  • Ability to be accepted on a peer-to-peer vehicle rental platform


Additional requirements:

  • Mobile phone


So, how does this work?

Simply, we'll assist you in completing the necessary steps to obtain an opportunity driving through a Rideshare or/and Delivery company, such as Uber, Lyft, Door Dash or InstaCart and assist you in renting a vehicle from Loaner Keys through a peer-to-peer vehicle rental platform. 

After a minimum amount of rental weeks and good payment history, you may be eligible to purchase a significantly discounted vehicle.

The benefit is that you can start working with a minimal upfront investment for a vehicle rental, earn and later own a vehicle with little additional out-of-pocket expense.


  • Contract to work with a Rideshare or/and Delivery Companies

  • Oversee condition of vehicle and inspect tires, lights and breaks

  • Perform pre-trip, en-route and post-trip inspection and oversee all aspects of vehicle


Good attributes:

Confident, autonomous, self-starter, problem solver, solution-driven, prepared, organized, detail oriented, high standards of excellence, educated, compassionate, objective, non-judgmental, resourceful, kind, caring, team player, team builder, open minded, sense of humor, intuitive, dedicated, creative, responsive, proactive, good business savvy, strong communicator, and be professional.

Language: English

Be flexible

Smart Mobile Phone Needed

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