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Online Auto Sales
Social Media Influencer

Social Media and Auto Sales  Experience Preferred

Job ID# 7777

International Applicants Okay!

(Independent Contractor - 1099)


Social Media Experience Suggested


JOB ID# 7777


The Online Auto Sales Social Media Influencer will market to and contact prospective customers by phone, email, text, instant message and social media to encourage and assist them with their vehicle purchases from the rents vehicles in various cities throughout the United States using our own online Peer-to-Peer internet platform, as well as, other well known platforms, such as Turo, HyreCar and GetAround. As we grow our fleet of gently used vehicles, we often offer them for sale to continue to refresh our inventory or to retire those that have served past their expectations.

This is a GREAT opportunity for Automobile Sales People who want to earn EXTRA Commission by having additional available inventory to sell! Grow with us!

Social media experience preferred.


Online/Social media marketing.


Flexible at your own determination as an Independent Contractor (US-1099).


We compensate the full industry standard of 25% of NET profit margin. We offer direct deposit on a bi-weekly basis. 

From your Mobile Phone, Tablet or computer, Just send your  business contacts, family, friends and acquaintances


  • Emails

  • Texts

  • DM's (Direct Messages)

  • Snaps

  • Tweets

  • Comments

  • Tags

  • Posts


of our vehicles for sale and assist those interested with their purchase.


We offer Direct Deposit on a bi-weekly basis. 




Active Social Media accounts such as:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • SnapChat

  • Twitter

  • WhatsApp


Computer skills and resources:


  • Ability to use a variety of websites and social media platforms (posting and sharing)

  • Intermediate to Advanced computer skills and proficiency with Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel, excellent keyboard and web navigation skills

  • Access to a secure computer in order to accommodate data entry within required timelines

  • High speed internet connectivity (DSL or cable modem; recommended speed is 10Mx1M for optimal performance)

Additional requirements:


  • Mobile phone

Job Description?


Online Auto Sales Social Media Influencer will:

  • Dependability — Opportunity requires being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations.


    Integrity — Opportunity requires being honest and ethical.


    Cooperation — Opportunity requires being pleasant with others in the organization and displaying a good-natured, cooperative attitude. 


    Adaptability/Flexibility — Opportunity requires being open to change (positive or negative) and considerable to a variety of work locations.


    Independence — Opportunity requires developing one's own ways of doing things, guiding oneself with little or no supervision, and depending on oneself to get things done.



  • ​Provide customers with information needed to complete their online purchases

  • Direct potential customers to products and services offered through the Liz Long Store websites, social media and other sales platforms


Helpful Attributes?

Confident, autonomous, self-starter, problem solver, solution-driven, prepared,

organized, detail oriented, high standards of excellence, educated, compassionate, objective, non-judgmental, resourceful, kind, caring, team player, team builder, open minded, sense of humor, intuitive, dedicated, creative, responsive, proactive, good business savvy, strong communicator, understands family dynamics, professional.

Flexible/Anytime Schedule

Computer Needed

Internet Needed

Smart Mobile Phone Preferred

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