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Mobile Medical Nail

Certification Required

Nail Salon

Job ID# MNT2024


The Mobile Medical Nail Technician will remove old polish from nails, shape, trim and care for the nail cuticles, adhering to strict sterilization strategies and aseptic techniques. Manicures, pedicures, and other nail treatments, such as removing rough skin and calluses, are performed as needed.





We contract with candidates able to meet potential clients at their homes or places of business to provide services and/or products. Candidates must be certified as Medical Nail Technicians (MNT's) and hold active E&O insurance. Candidates should also be able to document encounters in Electronic Medical Records (EHR) and assist clients in scheduling services and ordering products.




  • Recognizing potentially dangerous nail conditions

  • Evaluating overall foot health

  • Treating fungal nails

  • Perform debridement, callus reduction and noninvasive services 

  • Applying prosthetic toenails or fingernails

  • Using lasers properly

  • Educating on the importance of daily foot care checks for a diabetic or neuropathy clients

  • Consulting about proper footwear

  • Recommending skin care products to improve skin appearance

  • Applying prosthetic nails for short-term use

  • Evaluating the biomechanics of clients’ feet and making recommendations for arch supports

  • Applying temporary braces to help correct an excessively curved nail

  • Measuring feet for bunion aligners, as well as

  • Giving wellness pedicures and

  • Indicating needs for medical practitioners

  • Electronic Communications

  • Telephonic Communications

  • Electronic documentation

  • Frequent travel




Flexible work schedule.





Compensation is based on services performed and commissions from product sales. We offer weekly direct deposit.






  • Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant (CCPMA)

  • Certified Master Pedicurist (CMP)

  • Certified Podologist (C Pod)


Required experience:

  • Pedicure

  • Manicure

  • Nail Polish application and removal

  • Cuticle Care

  • Diabetic Foot Care

  • Diabetic Skin Care

Computer skills and resources:

  • Ability to use a variety of electronic information applications/software programs, electronic medical records experience

  • Intermediate to Advanced computer skills and proficiency with Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel, excellent keyboard and web navigation skills

  • Access to a secure computer in order to accommodate data entry within required timelines

  • High speed internet connectivity (DSL or cable modem; recommended speed is 10Mx1M for optimal performance)


Additional requirements:

  • Mobile phone



Job Description?


Provide services and recommendations to clients within the scope of a Medical Nail Technician.




  • Visit podiatrist offices, nursing facilities, other on-site locations and client homes.



Helpful Attributes?

Detail oriented, confident, autonomous, self-starter, problem solver, solution-driven, prepared, organized, detail oriented, high standards of excellence, educated, compassionate, objective, non-judgmental, resourceful, kind, caring, team player, team builder, open minded, sense of humor, intuitive, dedicated, creative, responsive, proactive, good business savvy, strong communicator, understands family dynamics, professional, customer service skills, the ability to work well with your hands, active listening skills, excellent verbal communication skills, to be flexible and open to change, to be thorough and pay attention to detail, the ability to sell products and services.

8am-9pm 7 days weekly in patient time zone

Computer Needed

Vehicle Needed

Smart Mobile Phone Needed

Internet Needed

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