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Nurse Scheduler

Medical Terminolgy Experience Preferred

Job ID# 1003

International Applicants Okay!


Will participate in a variety of responsibilities as needed to assign, schedule and communicate AGH Care Manager and Field Reporter assignments which may include communicating with Care Managers, assisting in the training of Care Managers, determining assignments, requesting and managing assignment documentation from inception to the submission to client stage.





We hire candidates with strong communication skills, computer and website knowledge, organization, time management and ability to work independently. Those with Medical Chart Auditing, Quality Assurance, Utilization Review, Health Information Management, Home Healthcare and Registered Nursing backgrounds will be preferred.




  • Receiving assignment requests

  • Documenting assignment requests

  • Contacting Team members to communicate assignment requests for acceptance

  • Utilizing various communication tools such as email, instant messenger and phone

  • Utilizing various web based software

  • Training Care Managers

  • Infrequent travel





Work schedule from home TBD by supervisor.





We compensate $10-15 per hour based on activity per worked case and bonuses for facilitating the acceptance of assignments. We offer bi-weekly direct deposit.






  • Associates Degree must have an Associates level college degree


Preferred experience:

  • Home Healthcare

  • Medical Chart Auditing

  • Quality Assurance

  • Utilization Review

  • Health Information Management


Required computer skills and resources:

  • Ability to use a variety of electronic information applications/software programs, electronic medical records experience

  • Intermediate to Advanced computer skills and proficiency with Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel, excellent keyboard and web navigation skills

  • Access to a secure computer to accommodate data entry within required timelines

  • High speed internet connectivity (DSL or cable modem; recommended speed is 10Mx1M for optimal performance)


Additional requirements:

  • Internet enabled Mobile phone



Job Description?


Nurse Schedulers will help Care Managers and Compliance Departments:

  • Receive assignments

  • Create assignment records

  • Organize and document assignments

  • Post assignments for viewing of team members

  • Contact specific team members to accept or decline to schedule assignments

  • Determine and confirm team members have completed all necessary training needed or required to complete offered assignments

  • Assist team members with completing outstanding training requirements

  • Assist team members with the acceptance or decline of assignments

  • Ensure accuracy and correctness of documentation attached to assignment records

  • Communicate the need for additional team members in understaffed areas to the Recruiting Team

  • Save and upload received documents from fax or email to appropriate assessment records and file folders

  • Communicate needed or missing documentation or scheduled activities to Team Managers

  • Respond to inquiries from Care Managers and Care Manager Clients regarding assessment locations, fees, compensation and stipulations





  • Ensuring Care Managers are 100% up to date with training completion

  • Assigning pending assignments to Care Managers for acceptance

  • Assist in increasing the percentage of accepted assignments and the growth of the role and department



Helpful Attributes?

Detail oriented, confident, autonomous, self-starter, problem solver, solution-driven, prepared, organized, detail oriented, high standards of excellence, educated, compassionate, objective, non-judgmental, resourceful, kind, caring, team player, team builder, open minded, sense of humor, intuitive, dedicated, creative, responsive, proactive, good business savvy, strong communicator, understands family dynamics, professional.

Flexible/Anytime Schedule

Computer Needed

Internet Needed

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